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The project comprises a partnership between high schools with the idea to exchange students so that they become aware of the jobs in the contemporary highly-digitized world and working environment, the challenges concerning their employment and the jobs which they are expected to practice after they graduate from school so as to be relevant and responsive to the labor market needs and employers' expectations. Students will get real life experience in working environment which deals with the use of high technologies in various fields, such as health and health care, tourism, finances, engineering and industries and others.

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The meeting was held at Liceum Ogólnokształcące Umiejętności Twórczych, Łódź (Poland) from 8 until 11 June 2022. Mobility to Poland was the final one within the project. All the Partners have met in Lodz to summarize the project, and discuss about the future.

In October, 2021, finally we were able to resume traveling abroad. The representatives of four countries have visited our friends from Cyprus in Limassol: Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and Romania...

Our friends from Portugal were hosting the meeting on which we were working on Artificial intelligence, robotics and new technologies in tourism. Apart from the Portuguese team we were able to meet the students and their teachers from Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Poland, Portugal and Romania...

In the time period 12-15 of November 2019 in Ruse, Bulgaria was held the First Training Meeting of the project AITJobs. The meeting was for four days and students with their teachers from following countries were present: Cyprus, France, Poland, Portugal and Romania

During the fourth mobility after Covid restrictions students visited Segre, France. Apart from French students who were the hosts Segre was visited by the representations from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal and Romania.

Mobility to Romania was suspended due to Covid-19 epidemic in Europe and no possibility to travel abroad.